„Association Genevoise de Backgammon“ was created in 2005. The mission of the club is to promote backgammon in Geneva, Switzerland. Président is Alexandre Ben Lassin, Vice présidents are Thibaud Thompson and Walid Kawkab, Secretary is Frédérique Bonvin and accountant is Cedric Thompson.

We meet every Sunday for the weekly Tournament at 2pm at the Tavolone restaurant – 41 rue des bains 1205 Genève. Between 12 – 25 players are attending the weekly tournaments. The main event „Geneva Open“ is organised by the club once a year. 3 day-international tournament, that finds a place usually around May- June.


„Swiss Championship“ champion (Patrick Didisheim, 2022)
„Swiss Championship“ team champions (Elena Zonza / Manu Torkani, 2022)
„WBGF Individual Championship“ champion (Patrick Didisheim, 2022)
„Monte Carlo Open“ champion (Thibaud Thompson, 2021)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Thibaud Thompson, 2021)
„Geneva Open“ doubles champions (Patrick Didisheim / Olivier Evard, 2021)
„Geneva Open“ doubles champions (Thibaud Thompson / Max Meyer, 2020)
„Zürich Open“ champion (Patrick Didisheim, 2020)
„Swiss Championship“ champion (Almir Vajzovic, 2019)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Gerard Duruz, 2019)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Almir Vajzovic, 2018)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Mario Mei, 2017)
„Thun Open“ doubles champion (Thibaud Thompson, 2015)
„Thun Open“ champion (Thibaud Thompson, 2015)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Denis Etienne, 2014)
„Montreux Open“ champion (Denis Etienne, 2012)
„Master Switzerland Montreux“ champion (Hadi Aji, 2012)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Karim Muraydem, 2012)
„Swiss Open Montreux“ champion (Denis Etienne, 2010)
„Portuguese Backgammon Championship“ champion (Clive J. Kay, 2010)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Alexandre Ben Lassin, 2010)
„Thun Open“ champion (Patrick Didisheim, 2009)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Denis Etienne, 2009)
„Montreux Open“ champion (Karim Muraydem, 2008)
„Tag Team Championship“ champions (Patrick Didisheim / Rassoul Rasti / Marcel Liechti, 2008)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Laurent Elarouci, 2008)
„Lausanne Open“ champion (Mihai Raducanu, 2008)
„Swiss Club Championship“ champions (Rasul Rasti, Denis Etienne, A.Fragniere, 2008)
„Geneva Open“ champion (Alexandre Ben Lassin, 2007)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Almir Vajzovic, 2020)
„Bristol Open“ runner-up (Almir Vajzovic, 2019)
„Backgammon Championship of France“ runner-up (Nicholas Dehon, 2018)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Guillaume Barrelet, 2018)
„Swiss Championship“ runner-up (Patrick Didisheim, 2017)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Patrick Didisheim, 2017)
„Thun Open“ doubles runners-up (Patrick Didisheim / Alexandre Ben Lassin, 2016)
„Thun Open“ runner-up (Alexandre Ben Lassin, 2016)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Alexandre Ben Lassin, 2014)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Zaiem Kais, 2013)
„Bern Open“ runner-up (Shahrooz Zarei, 2013)
„Montreux Swiss Championship“ runner-up (Denis Etienne, 2012)
„Montreux Open“ runner-up (Patrick Didisheim, 2012)
„Swiss Team Championship“ runners-up (Olivier Stephanus / Nicolas Deloche / Zaiem Kais, 2012)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Hadi Aji, 2011)
„Meribel Backgammon Tournament“ doubles runners-up (Rassoul Rasti / Agripa Leib, 2009)
„Montreux Open“ runner-up (Patrick Didisheim, 2009)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Bayram Bozkurt, 2009)
„Thun Open“ runner-up (Alexandre Ben Lassin, 2009)
„Montreux Open“ runner-up (Patrick Didisheim, 2008)
„Geneva Open“ runner-up (Rasul Rasti, 2008)
„Lausanne Open“ runner-up (Patrick Didisheim, 2008)
„PGT-Paris“ runner-up (Rasul Rasti, 2008)
„World Championship“ 4th place (Patrick Didisheim, 2018)
„World Championship“ doubles 3th place (Nicolas Deloche / Didier Assaraf, 2012)

„Swiss Open Montreux“ winner (Nicolas Deloche, 2012)
„Switzerland Backgammon Challenge“ winner (Nicolas Dehon, 2012)
„Montreux Open“ winner (Richard Gerber, 2009)

„Wbif World Club Championship“ runners-up (Association Genevoise de Backgammon, 2020)
„WBIF World Team Championship“ runners-up (Thibaud Thompson, Patrick Didisheim – Switzerland, 2020)
„WBIF Swiss Championship“ champion (Patrick Didisheim, 2021)
„WBIF Swiss Championship“ champion (Almir Vajzovic, 2018)
„WBIF Swiss Championship“ champion (Denis Etienne, 2017)
„Swiss Championship“ champion (Shahrooz Zarei, 2012)

1. Alain de Foucher
2. Alexandre Ben Lassin
3. Almir Valjzovic
4. Antony Buhl
5. Armando Miele
6. Arnôt Buscaglia
7. Avi Naveh
8. Bernard Madrennes
9. Cesar Laurent
10. Charlotte Clays
11. Christian Brunner
12. Denis Etienne
13. Dominique Weber
14. Elena Zonza
15. Frederique Bonvin
16. Gabrielle Hofer
17. Gérard Wust
18. Giacomo Hasbani
19. Ivan Lesage
20. Jean Jacques Altounian
21. Laurent Colli
22. Manu Malfait
23. Manu Torkani
24. Matthias
25. Max Meyer
26. Moustapha El Zanati
27. Olivier Evard
28. Olivier Polin
29. Ovidiu Semenescu
30. Patrick Didisheim
31. Patrick Ducrest
32. Philippe Retchnick
33. Richard Gerber
34. Thibaud Thompson
35. Thomas Malhomme-Muraour
36. Walid Kawkab
37. Yannis Sabatakakis
38. Zaiem Kais