„Slavia Backgammon Club“ was established on the 2nd of June 2002, by a group of „Slavia Sofia“ supporters, crazy about the game.

2nd of June 2002 is also the day when the first official weekly traditional mixed tabla tournament was organised. 4 players did participate and the name of the first winner was Nikolay Prokopiev. Ever since, we have organised over 600 weekly live tournaments and 20 annual championships. 17 times the champion was „Slavia Backgammon Club“ player. The record holder is Bogidar Iliev, who has won 16 championships titles.

In 2015 two of our players attended international backgammon tournaments and since 2016 modern backgammon became the 2nd official discipline in our club. „Slavia Backgammon Club“ team is organising once a year „Slavia Open“, a free of charge online tournament.


Rome Open“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2018)
„Oltenia Open“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2023)
„Domina Coral Bay Open“ doubles title (Bogidar Iliev / Peter Naguib, 2020)
„Venice Open“ doubles runner-up (Bogidar Iliev / Mislav Kovacic, 2019)
„Cambridge Open“ doubles runner-up (Milen Angelov / Chris Palmer, 2022)
„Istavder Anniversary“ 3th place, 614 players (Bogidar Iliev, 2022)
„Oltenia Open“ 3th place (Rosen Stoyanov, 2022)
„Edirne Open“ 3th place (Velin Trendafilov, 2023)
„Istavder Anniversary“ 4th place, 330 players (Ivajlo Zahariev, 2019)
„Novi Sad Open“ 4th place (Bogidar Iliev, 2022)
„Istavder Anniversary“ Consolation winner, 302 players (Rosen Stoyanov, 2018)
„Istavder Anniversary“ Consolation runner-up, 460 players (Bogidar Iliev, 2023)
„Belgrade Open“ last chance winner (Milen Angelov, 2022)
„Istavder Anniversary“ last chance runner-up (Milen Angelov, 2019)
„Oltenia Open“ last chance runner-up (Rosen Stoyanov, 2023)

„French Riviera Championship“ 3th place (Stanislav Stoynov, 2023)
„Merit Open“ 4th place (Jordan Kirchev, 2015)
„Montenegro Grand Prix“ 4th place (Jordan Kirchev, 2019)
„Merit Open“ last chance winner (Jordan Kirchev, 2017)
„Merit Open“ last chance winner (Jordan Kirchev, 2018)
„Merit Open“ last chance runner-up (Rosen Stoyanov, 2019)
„Merit Open“ last chance 3th place (Milen Angelov, 2022)

„Domina Coral Bay Open“ ladies title (Zlatina Petrova, 2020)
„Cyprus Open“ ladies title (Zlatina Petrova, 2022)

„World Championships“ 4th place (Bogidar Iliev, 2020)
Slavia Open“ title (Jordan Kirchev, 2021)
Slavia Open“ runner-up (Bogidar Iliev, 2021)
„Bulgarian Win & Skill“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2022)
„Bulgarian League“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2020, 2021, 2022)
„National Team Championship“ title (Slavia Backgammon Club, 2021)
„Extreme Gammon League“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2021)
„Slavia Ranking“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2022)
„Slavia League“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2022)
„WBIF Bulgarian Tournament“ title (Bogidar Iliev, 2018)
„WBIF Bulgarian Tournament“ title (Jordan Kirchev, 2019)
„WBIF Bulgarian Tournament“ title (Stanislav Stoynov, 2023)
„WBIF Bulgarian Tournament“ runner-up (Bogidar Iliev, 2019, 2020)
„WBIF Bulgarian Tournament“ runner-up (Stanislav Stoynov, 2021)


  1. Bistra Angelova
  2. Blagoy Kavrakov
  3. Bogidar Iliev (c)
  4. Boris Marinov
  5. Daniel Zahariev
  6. Desislava Vasileva
  7. Edvard Apazyan
  8. Eli Vasileva
  9. Hristo Yosifov
  10. Ivajlo Zahariev
  11. Ivaylo Monchev
  12. Ivo Iliev
  13. Jordan Kirchev
  14. Jordan Penev
  15. Julian Tuleshkov
  16. Konstantin Chomakov
  17. Kristian Mitov
  18. Kunka Grohleva
  19. Mario Surbinov
  20. Milen Angelov
  21. Miroslav Avramov
  22. Nikola Milev
  23. Nikolay Budev
  24. Nikolay Prokopiev
  25. Nikolay Stoyanov
  26. Olga Sladkarova
  27. Radoslav Iliev
  28. Radoslav Peev
  29. Rosen Stoyanov
  30. Slavey Slaveev
  31. Stanislav Stoynov
  32. Svetlin Angelov
  33. Teodor Nedev
  34. Tihomir Bahchevanov
  35. Vasil Iliev
  36. Velin Trendafilov
  37. Viktor Spasov
  38. Viktor Stratiev
  39. Violeta Dimitrova
  40. Yordan Yordanov
  41. Zhoro Gruev
  42. Zhulien Kasnedelchev
  43. Zlatina Petrova