BGT Club PROLET was established in 2013 at the initiative of Zoran Todorov – Glava, who was the pioneer of the backgammon game in Macedonia. The idea had arisen when he along with Zoran Georgievski – Wolf, Mihail Panovski and Ljupcho Janevski participated in the tournament held in Cavtat, Croatia earlier that year. The other members of the club are, Kole Nikolov, Ivan Panovski, Mitko Keramitchiev, Leni Zrnceva, and her husband Vancho Zrncev.

After passing the phase of playing traditional 3-game Tabla and converting to modern backgammon following the international rules of the game, Zoran Todorov – Glava started to organize backgammon tournaments mostly in Skopje, capital of Macedonia and the city where most of the Macedonian players come from.
Zoran Todorov – Glava lost his life due to heart attack during the tournament played online due to the Corona pandemic in April 2020. He left a legacy that is being continued by his club mates.
Each year the BGTC PROLET organizes national championships, a tradition that will continue indefinitely.

In 2018 in Skopje was organized the first international tournament with more than 40 participants, mostly from the region.
„BGTC PROLET“ continued with the organization the next year in 2019 and the tournament started to grow, hosting more than 60 players from more than 10 European countries.
The Corona pandemic prevented the year-by-year continuation and the tournament was not organized in 2020 and 2021. The activities, however, switched to online platforms on national level.
In 2022 the tournament, this time under the guidance of the reputable BG professional Mr. Arda Fındıkoğlu, grew to an even higher level, hosting more than 80 players in various tournament activities, coming from more than 20 European countries.

As a result of the hard work of the Macedonian BG enthusiasts, especially from „BGTC PROLET“, Skopje got the rights to organize the „World Backgammon Team Championship“, again under the guidance and supervision of tireless Mr. Arda Fındıkoğlu. The almost ten days BG activities will continue with the 4th „SKOPJE OPEN“ tournament, this time hosting hundreds of players from most of the countries where backgammon is played.

Ivan Panovski:

  • Skopje Open 2019 – Champion

Mihail Panovski

  • Skopje Open 2019 – Jackpot Winner
  • Bihac 2022 – Jackpot Winner
  • Zagreb 2021 – Jackpot Finalist
  • Zagreb 2016 – Last Chance Winner
  • Neum 2021 – Jackpot 3rd place

Leni Zrnceva:

  • Marbella Galaxy Consolation Tournament 2021 – Finalist
  • Istanbul Open 2022 – Warm Up Finalist
  • Skopje Open 2022 – Intermediate Tournament Finalist
  • Novi Pazar Open 2022 – Jackpot Finalist

Vancho Zrncev:

  • Skopje Open 2022 – DMP Challenge Winner
  • Belgrade Open 2022 – DMP Challenge Winner

Zoran Georgievski:

  • Neum Open 2018 – Winner
  • Zagreb 2017 – Jackpot Winner
  • National Championship Macedonia 2020/2021 – Champion

Mitko Keramitchiev:

  • National Speedgammon Tournament 2020 – 2nd place
  • National Online Championship 2019 – 2nd place
  • Closing the season Jackpot 2022 – Winner